These days cameras are everywhere. If you don’t own a digital camera then you’ll probably own a mobile phone with a built in camera, and what’s more they are always being used. Walk in to a town centre and you’ll READ MORE



ESP Cycle Test – Phase 1

ESP Cycle – Phase 1 Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation’s first major Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) experiments took place in 2009, since then however there was a break which I began to feel had lasted too long, so I decided it was READ MORE



Mysterious Flying Rods – Explained

Rods, which are often linked with UFO’s and other paranormal phenomenon have sparked a huge amount of interest from people in all walks of life from Paranormal Investigators to Cryptozoologists. They are described as cylindrical shaped creatures ranging from just READ MORE



Paranormal Terminology

Terminology The paranormal world can sometimes be a confusing place, so to help us mere mortals to understand what some of the phrases used by investigators and experts in the field actually mean, SPI researcher Richard O’Connor has created this READ MORE



Collective ESP Experiment

In the autumn of 2009 Derren Brown famously appeared to have predicted the national lottery numbers live on national television, the following week he then revealed that his method for doing this was the intelligence of crowds or group wisdom. READ MORE